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The Best Way to Learn Real Estate Investing in DC, Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), and Dallas, Texas

A lot of people wonder why their dreams of becoming
a successful Real Estate Investor aren’t quite coming
true. I can probably conjure up many theories of WHY,
but there is a major misconception when it comes to
effective vs. ineffective learning environments.

It is no SECRET that a student will learn more in a
one-on-one environment than in any other circumstance.
It may not be as glamorous, commercial, or even fun; however,
what is the goal? The goal of any learning environment is
to learn. A lot of students are LOST in their efforts
to simply understand basic concepts of real estate
investing. Why do you ask? The class size is too large.
It is very difficult for ANY teacher to satisfy the learning
pace of 100 different students.

A quick example: When searching for a High School for your
son or daughter, one of the first questions you will ask a school
is: what is your class size? The reason you ask the class size is
because you are aware that your child will learn more and will be
more equipped with information if there are only 15 or 20 other
students. So why do you think you are any different than your
child? Think about a Business Law class with 75 other kids
confused about how to understand the differences of
cross-border accounting, and how those differences can impact
cross-border post-transaction M&A disputes. Exactly. The law
of averages says many of those students will not learn and will
eventually fail or drop out of the course.

So if I am explaining the proper way to purchase a property
using a land trust and an installment land contract, subject to
existing financing; there is a chance you may become extremely
frustrated if your questions aren’t addressed because there are
too many other students. This is exactly why you see people get
started in Real Estate Investing and then decide that it may not
be for them simply because they didn’t learn.

From experience, students who learn in a modest capacity with
small class sizes or better yet one-on-one, have a significantly
better chance of being successful as Real Estate Investors.

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Making Money Quick by Investing Right

The Sky Is Falling!

Everyone is wondering what to do. Everyone is fearful.

Actually that’s not true at all. The unschooled, untrained, unknowing Masses are indeed fearful. They are reading the newspaper headlines each day and getting more and more worried for their jobs, their businesses, their investments, their retirement. But, not everyone is fearful. Some people are happy. Gleeful. Self-assured. These are the Rich People. They know exactly what to do.

In this brief article, I will explain exactly what to do.

First, go right back to basics. What is the Number One rule for investing success? That rule is…

Buy Low Sell High

If it’s so short (four words) and so easy to understand, why isn’t everyone following it? There indeed is a reason why the Broke People do not follow it. Here is that reason.

Prices are low when there is a problem. Prices do not like chaos, problems, uncertainty. So, they fall. When there is a problem, prices are low. Rich People see the low prices, they remember the rule “Buy Low Sell High” and they buy. Broke People see the problem, get fearful reading the headlines of the newspapers, forget the rule of wise investing, and run. Yes, run away from investing — right when prices are low.

So, what are rich people doing right now?

Buy Low

Rich people are racing to buy US real estate. I personally just bought a duplex in a major city. It was listed at $530,000. The sellers were extremely eager to sell. In a very brief several-day negotiation, they lowered the price by a shocking $100,000 to only $430,000. So, I bought it. I see the problem; I see the low prices; I buy.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Sell High

Just look at the newspapers and besides seeing that real estate prices are low, you will see that gold prices are high.

The previous all-time high gold price, on January 21 1980, was $850. The World waited for almost three decades for gold to get near that price. Then, on January 3rd, gold broke that high. Then, on March 13, gold broke through the $1,000 per ounce barrier for the first time ever!

Now that there is so much good news about Gold, The Masses are buying gold and dumping their real estate. Weird. What am I doing? What are rich people doing? We are selling all our gold and silver. I had hundreds of pounds of silver in my safe and hundreds of grams of gold and some platinum all locked away in my safe. I bought when prices were low. I’ve just sold it all over the last few days.

Your Turn

You may now be brooding that you have no gold to sell and have no cash to buy real estate. So, what should you do? First get into practice by selling anything you’ve got that you can part with that contains gold or silver – old jewelry, silver cutlery, etc. Second, do anything you can to get into an investment property right now, even if you have to joint venture with some friends to raise the down payment. Get started. Begin investing correctly.

Sell when prices are high, even if all your friends are buying.

Buy when prices are low, even if there are problems.