Making Money Quick by Investing Right

The Sky Is Falling!

Everyone is wondering what to do. Everyone is fearful.

Actually that’s not true at all. The unschooled, untrained, unknowing Masses are indeed fearful. They are reading the newspaper headlines each day and getting more and more worried for their jobs, their businesses, their investments, their retirement. But, not everyone is fearful. Some people are happy. Gleeful. Self-assured. These are the Rich People. They know exactly what to do.

In this brief article, I will explain exactly what to do.

First, go right back to basics. What is the Number One rule for investing success? That rule is…

Buy Low Sell High

If it’s so short (four words) and so easy to understand, why isn’t everyone following it? There indeed is a reason why the Broke People do not follow it. Here is that reason.

Prices are low when there is a problem. Prices do not like chaos, problems, uncertainty. So, they fall. When there is a problem, prices are low. Rich People see the low prices, they remember the rule “Buy Low Sell High” and they buy. Broke People see the problem, get fearful reading the headlines of the newspapers, forget the rule of wise investing, and run. Yes, run away from investing — right when prices are low.

So, what are rich people doing right now?

Buy Low

Rich people are racing to buy US real estate. I personally just bought a duplex in a major city. It was listed at $530,000. The sellers were extremely eager to sell. In a very brief several-day negotiation, they lowered the price by a shocking $100,000 to only $430,000. So, I bought it. I see the problem; I see the low prices; I buy.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Sell High

Just look at the newspapers and besides seeing that real estate prices are low, you will see that gold prices are high.

The previous all-time high gold price, on January 21 1980, was $850. The World waited for almost three decades for gold to get near that price. Then, on January 3rd, gold broke that high. Then, on March 13, gold broke through the $1,000 per ounce barrier for the first time ever!

Now that there is so much good news about Gold, The Masses are buying gold and dumping their real estate. Weird. What am I doing? What are rich people doing? We are selling all our gold and silver. I had hundreds of pounds of silver in my safe and hundreds of grams of gold and some platinum all locked away in my safe. I bought when prices were low. I’ve just sold it all over the last few days.

Your Turn

You may now be brooding that you have no gold to sell and have no cash to buy real estate. So, what should you do? First get into practice by selling anything you’ve got that you can part with that contains gold or silver – old jewelry, silver cutlery, etc. Second, do anything you can to get into an investment property right now, even if you have to joint venture with some friends to raise the down payment. Get started. Begin investing correctly.

Sell when prices are high, even if all your friends are buying.

Buy when prices are low, even if there are problems.

Small Business is Worth It

When you decide that you are tired of working in an office and you are looking for a change, you should look at the fact that small business is worth it. You will find that you will have a plethora of options when it comes to a small business, and this is what is going to make the entire transition exciting and fun. If you already know what it is that you want to do, then you merely have to get it up and going. If you are not sure on what it is that you want to do, then the fun is actually the journey of discovery.

Laying Out The Groundwork

The first thing you are going to do when you decide on what you want to do, is lay out the groundwork for the start of the company. This will bring you to the point where you know what is going to be common practice, and what the purpose of the company really is. Small business is worth it, when you decide that you want to do something that is both challenging and fun at the same time. You will find that starting a small business is something that will give you strength in areas you otherwise did not know you had. This is great for your spirit, and it is great for your wallet if you can manage to succeed. Find what you like and get it running, and then manage to make it work it’s that simple.

Invest Your Time

One of the best ways to ensure that the small business that you start is going to be what you want it to be, is to invest your time into it. There are many things that you are going to have to pay attention too, as you are now the boss. This means that basically every aspect of the company is under your control. The fun part is actually making decisions and seeing that they do make sense and they do work. This will give you a sense that small business is worth it, and that you can see success down the road from your endeavor. Good business is prepared for the dips in work, and this is where you will learn to manage your time. This is when you will learn that you need to invest the time to make the company better for the next round of business rush.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It is said that if you do not make mistakes, you do not learn in life. Nothing could be closer to the truth, than with a home business. You will quickly see that small business is worth it, when you actually remind yourself not to do the same thing twice if it failed the first time. This will steer you in a different direction, and this will actually allow you to grow as a business. This could be the most enlightening and fun time of your life, and it is time to take full control.

Work From Home to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Economy

Perhaps now more than ever finding something that can be done from home is of great value and importance to many. The economy is seeing some of the worst times ever and the future seems uncertain for many. Many jobs have already been lost and the possibility of more losing their jobs is real. In these troubled times it is more important than ever to find something to supplement your income. Being able to work from home to bring income to your family is very helpful. For many it is crucial to find ways to bring extra income in and for others it is absolutely necessary simply because there is nothing else.

I would state that it is more important than ever to find a way to determine for yourself what you are worth and to do all you can for yourself and your family. It is not a time to rely on others but to strengthen ones own abilities to be able to provide for one family by doing all you can working from home. The time of leaning on others for support and receiving from others is over. There was a time in the past that the food was put on the table only by the ingenuity of the man or woman providing it. That was slowly replaced with a state of placid expectancy to receive from others that which we needed. We expected the money to always be there and many of us did nothing to seek income or to strengthen ourselves beyond a simple menial job.We have spent years without really thinking much of working at home or at least running your own business.

Learning New Skills

It is a terrible struggle to learn a new skill or to develop better a skill we have but have not used. It is made all the more difficult by the stresses put upon us with the economy we face but it is not impossible to make something of ourselves and to do more. It is necessary at this time when our very government is bankrupt and spends money it does not have to bail out not the citizen but the large corporations that have in many cases caused the very problem we are all living with. You can make an improvement but the only way it will happen is with drastic change.

I will list many opportunities and ideas here and I will try to offer as much detail on them as I can. There are opportunities still. This is still a great country and as long as you are willing to do something for yourself you will be able to survive and make it through the tough times.

Here are some of the things that I have done or would like to do: (each bringing in a good deal of money)

eBay: eBay selling is a great avenue for many of you. I have been doing it for years and one month last year I made over $10,000 in sales with more than 50% of it profit. This was in addition to the other businesses I was running. I am developing an eBook on this approach for working at home and will offer it here soon. eBay is not as difficult as some make it but there are things you need to be aware of. I will try to cover all the basics and even talk about how to find products free to sell on eBay. Make no mistake, it will take work but for some it will mean the difference between having income and not. Start up costs $0 to $200 and similar local websites are a great avenue for making money as well. There are many strategies and techniques that can be put into practice for this avenue and I have a close friend who is making his living on this entirely right now. Start up costs $0 to $1200

Parties and local networking businesses. Are you aware of the opportunities available for small local businesses where you basically just have a party and enjoy the company of others? It’s true. You can literally make money with many different small business ideas from crafts to jewelry, food and even breath mints and Chewing gum! You may even be able to create your own local business and start your own parties. Start up costs $10 to $200

Hosting birthday parties: You can offer your services for birthday parties to make children happier. Become a clown, a magician or dress up in costumes to offer the best birthday ever for some little one. Keep in mind that a recession or depression does not mean that life stops. It may mean that a change is needed but one thing that can happen and should is for all of us to get out and be more sociable. Start up costs $0 to $200

Online web store: It is not too difficult to start your own website although it may take some computer savvy to do it on a small budget and the right help and knowledge will take you a long way. This is another one I have worked on quite a bit and I would like to put together an eBook on this topic as well. Just need the time. Oh the time! It will come though. I hope to make the lessons I have learned available to all who want to learn it.

Local service: I recently saw a new billboard as I was driving on the freeway. It talked about somebody’s local business doing your laundry. Imagine the possibilities with this idea. No I don’t mean doing somebody else’s laundry but it is one thing that can come out of the think tank. Maybe laundry is not your skill. Maybe you are better suited to cooking. Maybe odd jobs are your thing. Perhaps you are an artist and can create murals for others. Maybe it is lawn service or window cleaning. I hope you are getting the picture. There are endless things that others look at as menial jobs or tasks they don’t have time for. By joining together and offering our services we can all help one another and all benefit from it. What talent do you have that could be a business?

Here are some of the service ideas I have seen as actual businesses:

* Dog doodoo pickup service (yes for real)

* Home window tinting

* Jewelry parties

* Shoe parties

* Baking parties

* Chocolate making

* Bread making

* Cookie making

* I know of a lady who sells cow pie clocks! It’s true, you can Google it.

* Cashflow note investing (sound familiar to anyone)

* Real estate investing (n better time than now!)

The fact is there are options available for you to bring in extra money by working at home. The important thing regardless of what you are going to do is to make sure you are willing to put forth effort. It takes work and you must be willing to work. If you are then you should never have reason to worry.